Charismatic Renewal

Charismatic Renewl


“As of 2013, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal exists in over 230 countries in the world, with over 160 million members.[4] Participants in the Renewal also cooperate with non-Catholic ecclesiastical communities and other Catholics for ecumenism, as encouraged by the Catholic Church.[5]

The Charismatic element of the Church is seen as being evident today as it was in the early days of Christianity. Some Catholic Charismatic communities conduct healing services, gospel power services, outreaches and evangelizations where the presence of the Holy Spirit is felt, and healings and miracles take place.[6] The mission of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal is to educate believers into the totality of the declaration of the gospels. This is done by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; a one-to-one relationship with Jesus is seen as a possibility by the Charismatic. He is encouraged to talk to Jesus directly and search for what The Lord is saying so that his life will be one with Him.”


Specifically at our Church the group starts with a Rosary. Following that,  all of you are invited to be closer to God through the healing prayers,  enjoy the local choir and invited choirs also, the Bible readings and explanations. If you want to join them for the first time you can come to our Church because they meet every Thursday from 7-9pm. Light refreshments are available.

We are also looking for people to join the Bible Study Group, if you are interested in this or have another inquiries or questions leave a message  to JOSE CERDA. Please call to St. Paul contact number or e-mail.

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal also offers retreats and twice a year a Conference with multiple topics to choose and more than 8000 Catholics attending. This year will be on October 4th and 5th.