What is the role of a Lector at mass?

The Lector combines faith with skill when reading the Scriptures. The Lector is a minister, rather than just a reader. The ministry of Lector, like that of the priest, is responsible for affecting the presence of God in the celebration of the Eucharist, the Lector affects the presence of God in the scriptural Word.

This concept of ministry is extremely important for Lectors. Without it, one may see oneself as a performer before a captive audience. In a way, the Lector plays a special role in the religious “drama” called the Eucharist. Lectors are called upon to employ public speaking skills. As Lectors we are servants to the people of God, not performers.

Ministry of Lector – Volunteer Sign-up Form

To volunteer for the Ministry of Lector, please complete the form below and:

Mail to: St. Paul Catholic Church 2127 W 22nd Place, Chicago, IL 60608 – 773.847.6100

Drop in Sunday collection basket, or Contact the Rectory-Office for more information.






Training will be provided and a $15.00 fee will be collected to purchase a Lector’s Work Book.