The Landmarks Commission of the City of Chicago is considering the landmarking of St. Adalbert’s Church, a decision that we believe is not in the best interest of our community or St. Paul Parish. We need your support to oppose the decision.

By filling out the form below, you will help us demonstrate the community’s opposition to this landmarking effort. Your form will be auto-populated into a PDF that you can easily email to the Landmarks Commission.



  1. Fill in your personal information.
  2. Select one reason from the dropdown menu that best represents your opposition to the landmarking.
  3. Click “Generate PDF” to create your personalized opposition letter.
  4. Email the generated PDF to the Landmarks Commission and our team:;

There are a lot of reasons to oppose the landmark

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Su carta de oposición se creará en inglés. Las opciones siguientes están en el mismo orden que la lista anterior. Por ejemplo, si te gustó el tercer motivo, será el tercero en la lista a continuación.